We strive to explore the repertoire of the boys’ companies. The work is demanding, requires discipline and is enormous fun. It also involves a great deal of sex and violence. Onstage. What more could a group of boys ask for?

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A Trick to Catch the Old One (2017)

Oxford, Stratford and London
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The Woman Hater at La Maison des Choeurs, Montpellier, March 2016

The Woman Hater (2016)

Stratford, Oxford, London, Montpellier and Béziers
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Critical Acclaim for Edward’s Boys

Edward’s Boys show us what boys’ companies can do — which is to say, anything. Their productions are not excellent ‘for children’ or ‘for amateurs’ – they are excellent by any standards. They draw energy from two vital sources: first, painstaking attention to the text, which enables each actor to understand his lines and communicate clearly with the audience; second, the ensemble ethos of the boys and their director, Perry Mills. Mills has created a culture in which the boys teach and learn from each other, releasing the exuberant will to perform in each one to great creative effect. Edward’s Boys audiences learn something about boys’ companies and early modern drama, but they also relish pure theatrical gold.
Professor Elisabeth Dutton, University, FribourgSwitzerland