We strive to explore the repertoire of the boys’ companies. The work is demanding, requires discipline and is enormous fun. It also involves a great deal of sex and violence. Onstage. What more could a group of boys ask for?

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A Trick to Catch the Old One (2017)

Oxford, Stratford and London
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The Woman Hater at La Maison des Choeurs, Montpellier, March 2016

The Woman Hater (2016)

Stratford, Oxford, London, Montpellier and Béziers
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Critical Acclaim for Edward’s Boys

Perry Mills and his boys are fast becoming the stuff of legend. A cut above your average drama society, Edward’s Boys are currently ploughing their way through the dramatic canon of the early modern childrens’ companies… we were given a consummately professional and finely-realised production of a very rarely-performed play. It’ll be fascinating to see where the boys take us next.
Dr Peter Kirwan, UniversityNottingham